Walk with…

The Walk with… schools events are our attempt to support the R.E. work being done in our schools.

Walk with… runs as a two year rolling programme.

Our efforts are aimed at the year 5 / 6 children

Each group session is accompanied by a short activity to enhance the experience. This usually has a basis in art, science, maths or literacy.

Throughout each session the children are encouraged to think about, discuss and ask questions about what they are hearing and seeing.

They are encouraged to see the characters they meet as ordinary people to whom extraordinary things happened.

Once a year we conclude a session by inviting the children to enter a competition. This will either be a story writing or art competition. Prizes are given at a tea party a couple of weeks later.

All sessions are free of charge.

If your school would like any further help with R.E. please contact The Revd. Sue Newby at revnewby@hotmail.co.uk


Year 1. 2015 / 2016.

Autumn Term 2015:

Walk with Jesus

Spring Term 2016:

Walk amongst the Easter people.

Summer Term 2016:

Year a) Walk amongst the stories of Jesus.

Year c) Walk with the disciples.


Year 2. 2016 / 2017.

Autumn Term 2016:

Walk amongst the Christmas people.

Spring Term 2017:

Walk with the people who met Jesus.

Summer Term 2017:

Walk with the people who wanted to change the World.

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