Your church wedding at St Mary’s, Banbury

St Mary’s welcomes couples who want to get married in either a Church of England or a United Reformed Church ceremony. You don’t have to be baptized or go regularly to church to have a church wedding, although the thing that makes them special is knowing that your vows are being made not only in front of your family and friends but in the presence of God. Church weddings don’t have to be lavish or expensive – churches charge less than most other wedding venues, and ceremonies can be as grand or as simple as you wish. We will be happy to help you plan the service so that it is right for you. For example, if you already have children, we can give them a place in the service and can pray for your family life together. You can choose the music and readings that mean most to you. And nowadays you make exactly the same vows to each other: the wife no longer has to promise to obey her husband!

Different rules apply to Church of England and United Reformed Church weddings. The United Reformed Church can marry in St Mary’s anyone who lives in Oxfordshire. The Church of England can marry anyone who lives in central or southern Banbury, or who has worshipped regularly in St Mary’s for at least six months, or who has another “qualifying connection” with us. This means that one of you has lived in the parish in the past, or was baptized or prepared for confirmation here, or at least one of your parents has lived or worshipped here, or parents or grandparents were married here. There are special rules if you are a foreign national or are divorced, but a church wedding is usually possible. It is however currently against the law to celebrate same-sex marriages in an Anglican church.

For more information about Church of England weddings, please contact the Revd Jeff West on 07766 198484, or about United Reformed Church weddings the Revd Barrie Cheetham on 01295 277738.

To enquire about booking a wedding, please phone the church office on 01295 253329.


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