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Meet the Author Jeremy Bourne

Monday, 18 July 2022 19:00 - 20:00
St Mary's Church, Horse Fair, Banbury OX16 0AA
Sarah Bourne

Jeremy Bourne writes for pleasure, not for profit.  His profession was as a teacher and lecturer in European languages, literature and civilisation.  He read modern languages at Oriel College, Oxford.  He has a special interest in German poetic realism, and in AE Housman, about whom he has published three books.  Jeremy has also written a number of plays which have been publicly performed, including a life of Joanna Southcott the prophetess, and a history of the fascinating village of Blockley, where he lives.  Beyond literature, he has had an abiding interest in equal rights and equal education for girls, and it was on this basis that he was elected to a Fellow Commonership at Cambridge and wrote a book on the needs and problems of universal family education.  Wine available from the pop up bar throughout the evening.


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Places will be limited for this event. Please book your place early.