This year our Advent course will be an opportunity to explore the Beatitudes, a passage from Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 5. Verses 1-10). These are well known groups of sayings that Jesus shared with the disciples and form a strong basis on what we believe as Christians.


Our course will run once a week over the first three weeks of Advent and will follow three themes:


A Contemplative Church,

A Compassionate Church 

A Courageous Church


These themes are what the Diocese of Oxford have encouraged all those within the Diocese to consider over the last few years, since Bishop Steven became the Bishop of Oxford, so this is a great opportunity to revisit these themes and think about them together.

If you would like to join us during Advent and explore the Beatitudes there are two opportunities a week to do this.

You can either join us in person at St Mary’s church or online via Zoom.


Join us in person in the church on Thursday’s 7th, 14th and 21st December from 11.30am until 1pm


Or you can join us online via Zoom Friday 8th December 7.30pm until 9pm, Monday 11th December 7.30pm until 9pm and 18th December 7.30pm until 1pm.


There is a booklet to go along with the course which costs £2.50. However we have purchased copies of the booklet so you don’t need to, but donations are always welcome.